Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Modern Outdoor/Indoor Consle Table

Well, it seems like it has been forever ago since I had contacted Ana White about partnering up on a console table idea I had, and I appreciate her being patient with me on this one!!  I underestimated how busy I would get with my "real" job and weather was not always cooperative so it took me a while to get this one done!
I was at an event at our convention center here in Little Rock and noticed these benches that were out in the lobby area and liked the look of them and thought it might make a cool console table?  So I sent the pictures below to Ana and she sent me some plans and I got to work.

Materials for this project were only about $60.00, so very affordable. All you need are a few 1x4's and 2x4's, screws, nail gun (optional) and glue and you are good to go basically.
I cut all the pieces first and did a dry fit to make sure it looked and all set up ok.  For the first pieces, I did pocket holes with my Kreg Jig.  You will need pocket holes on each 2x4 to attach to the cross piece.  The 1x4's don't need any holes since you are nailing/screwing them into the 2x4 they sit on.

Then when I put the second layer on, I used my nail gun.

And it is basically that process over and over again until you run out of wood. Theoretically, you could make this as thin or as wide as you wanted to fit your needs.  Very functional design.  I did use screws to attach the 2x4 to the 1x4 to just add some extra support, but really the nails alone would have been fine.  I also put glue between each section.
This is the table all put together after the final piece.


Painting this thing was a challenge and if I built another one, I would sand down each piece after cutting it and paint it before assembling.  Or if you have a paint sprayer, then it won't be an issue, but if you are old school like me, then definitely pre-paint.  There are the obviously many nooks and crannies with all the pieces of wood sandwiched together and the slats across the top are tight!
I went with red on the table because we had some in the garage and I was torn on what color to paint it!  It turned out great, and if you stained it, think it would be a nice touch as well.  Sorry about the picture quality, never could get good lighting where it was staged!!

Hutson doing some modeling with the finished product.  BTW, this is not where the table is going, just have not decided it's final place in the house, so it is in a temporary spot.

Thanks for looking and as always, thanks to Ana White for letting me be a small part in the Knock Off Wood empire!!  Go check her out if haven't already, if I can do this kind of stuff, so can you!  I hope to be back building on a more regular basis in a month after work finally settles down.  Have a great day!
Here's the link to the PLANS
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  1. I love the table. Thanks for sharing. I am planning to make this for my next project, and it'll be purple.

  2. I going to do a bench, thanks for the details