Monday, July 21, 2014

Truck Shelf for Playroom

Hutson's playroom is like most kids I am sure, a disaster a majority of the time, and with cars and trucks everywhere, it is a hazard to just walk through there!  I measured the width of one of his trucks and figured that a simple 1x8 would be wide enough to hold them, so wouldn't stick out too far and would not require much cutting. 
I went and bought 4 1x8 in 8 foot lengths, some 1x2 firring strips and a couple of 1x4's.  I used the 1x2's on the front to create the edge and the 1x4's on the side an corners.  Looking back, could have just bought another 1x8 or two and used those on the ends.
Assembling was a breeze since the only pieces that got cut were the 1x4's and 1x2's.  I used screws and nail gun to put it all together, filled in holes with wood putty and painted it orange.  It holds his monster trucks and pretty much any other size truck, as you can see from the pictures below. 

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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Custom Butcher Block Island

I had a friend of mine ask me to build him a butcher block top island that he could have friends sit at without having anything under the table and that he could also use to prepare food on as well.  I looked online about building my own top and seemed rather complicated and found a site that you could get some good pricing on tops, so just ordered from there.
He wanted a large table, 36" wide by 72" long and he chose the Edge top and 3" thick, so this thing weighed 255 pounds! 
The picture below is after it got shipped to my work and I offloaded it into my car barely and then got it home and slid it out onto some tables.  I never saw the top of the table since you couldn't just flip it over to take a look, but I needed the underside anyway to figure out how I wanted to place the legs and braces, etc... 
Once I got the measurements on where I wanted everything, I cut, distressed and then stained all the joints before assembling.
And this is the final product, all set up and ready to hang out at or prepare some food on!


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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kid's Playhouse

I was asked by my son's school to build a playhouse for their annual school auction and I dug around online for a few days and finally decided on a set of plans I liked.  I went with the one pictured below, however, I decided to not use cedar since they wanted the playhouse painted.
Overall, it probably took about 60-70 work hours to complete, obviously, the painting took a while, but it turned out great!
This is a picture from the plans I purchased.
Getting the base built...

Framing it out...

Putting on the exterior, used 5/8 for sides and 3/4 for roof and floor...

Braces for the roof...

Now onto the porch...

Went with a bright green with white trim, and I painted the inside floor brown...

Ready to load onto trailer...

I put a double dutch door on the playhouse...

Just used some wood I had to build a mailbox, spray painted in in chalkboard paint so you can put whatever you want on there...

And the 2 lucky boys that the house will be going to this week are actually my nephews, so know they will get many years of enjoyment out of it and I'll get to see it from time to time!

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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Console Table

One of my best friends got married a while back and for their wedding gift, I wanted to build them a piece of furniture.  I had purchased a piece of 1x12 from Lowe's a couple of years ago because I thought it looked cool and finally found the right project for it.
I decided to build them a console table since they don't take up a lot of room and they are very versatile, so they could use it for any number of things.
I started out with a general idea in my mind of what I wanted to do.  The main portion of the table was essentially done since I had a 1x12 piece of wood for the top.
I decided to frame the sides using 1x4's.  Here is picture of the joints I did with my Kreg Jig.
And here is picture of the top, really cool piece of wood that had 1x4" sections of different pieces of wood, just pretty unique!  I framed the sides with 1x4's as well of course.

Closer picture of the top.

The sides have been attached to the top and did a mock up to see how
I wanted to do the legs.

Mocked up, but I decided to not do 2x4's for the legs and instead did two 1x4's butted up together, thought it gave it a more modern look and matched the 1x4's on the top.

I did a couple coats of stain on the top and Kristin used chalk paint on the legs, then distressed them and stained the distressed areas.  Really turned out great and hope Matt and Betsy will get some good use out of it!

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